TEXAS Priorities

General welfare of the entire district 85 citizens.

The welfare of the citizens of the District 85 is my topmost priority. Every citizen of this district irrespective of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion must be able to live in an accommodated and safe environment peacefully. All citizens of this district must be able to raise their heads high and proud. The Diversity of this community must be harnessed and harmonized to benefit the district resident in an interrelationship and mutually benefited way. No one in this community should be left to suffer or go through excruciating hardship or pain of any kind. Every opportunity in the State must be accessible to all citizens.

Improved student educational standards and educators wages.

In the 21st Century, the educational standards of our Students in the State of Texas must reflect the status of the best Nation in the world. We must create an enabling environment that will provide every student the keen interest and desire to acquire academically; knowledge that is second to none and competitive anywhere. The STAAR test must produce above 95% percentile of student testing standards. This will transform to outstanding performance globally recognized among the comity of Nations. Concerning the Educators Wages which include teachers and supporting staffs that work tirelessly to impact knowledge and keep our students focused and safe, we must do all we can to take to give them living wages and great incentives enough, that they will not have to think of changing profession or taking another weekend job to support their livelihood and families in this State of Texas. Educators Wages should be so attractive that other professions will be envious of their job and decide to go after seeking educators (Teaching and Non-teaching Jobs). Teachers Retirement Benefits must be robust enough that after long years of service their living standard must be improved and not depreciated. I will champion and enable legislation that will guarantee this provision without any opposition. I was raised by a Teacher (My Late Father) and a Nursing Practitioner (Almost 80 years Old Mother) to become what I am today. Hence this issue is a passionate and touching issue for me personally so help me God.

Affordable and dependable healthcare options.

These issues have lingered too long in America entirely. It is high time all the Citizens of this nation have Sustainable; Affordable and Dependable Healthcare in the 21st century. Health is wealth; a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. I will create an enabling Legislative environment that will bring the Health providers and the Insurance Companies together to draft a mutually beneficial policy and environment that will make Healthcare quality accessible and Affordable to all Citizens with emphasis on Preventive care and diverting from curative care without disparaging pre-existing medical condition.

Satisfactory veterans affairs & law enforcement benefits.

The creation of great jobs for the Veterans and the Law Enforcement Agents in our Country is my mandate. We owe all of them our respect and honor. No veteran or Law Enforcers should be allowed to experience any form of hardship in this Noble Country, and their safety and welfare after their service should be reliable and non-negotiable. I will work hard to cater to their welfare and allow them access to all the basic benefits of livelihood they deserve and guaranteed by promoting and supporting all legislation that will make the Veterans and Law Enforcers Satisfactory. God Bless the Veterans and the Law Enforcement Agents. God Bless the State of Texas and God Bless the United States of America.

Enhanced security of lives and property of the people.

The security of lives and properties of the people of Texas, especially our District 85 Constituent must be enhanced and guaranteed. This District should be the envy of anyone living in another state, this is because there will be enabling legislation to Security of lives and property to the maximum. People must live in Peace and Harmony without any form of insecurity threat to any resident. The influx of people into our community with questionable past history or with negative mindsets must be thoroughly examined and monitored.

Tangible access to financial & economic dividends on free market investment and assets.

I will promote a fair and voluntarily based Private, Public Participation (PPP) for constituents to have access, to all Financial and Economic Investment platforms in the Free Market arena, the most especially capital intensive and profitable investment that has successive and projectable rates of returns. All participants must be able to enjoy economic dividends that will make additional income or financial stability footings to shore up retirement egg nests. This may not be for everybody, but it will catalyze the Class shift status of people from Low-Income Class, to Middle Income Class, and from Middle-Income class to High Income Class of the society.

Agricultural services improvement and farmers welfare.

Texas District 85 comprises of Fort Bend; Wharton and Jackson County is basically a Farmers Country, with over 900 farms in Wharton County alone, and producing over $400 billion economic provisions. The Agricultural Services and Farmers Welfare should be the topmost priority of the State. An African adage says “when hunger is taken out of wretched lives, the wretched lives are elevated from wretchedness”. I will promote and support all legislation to keep the Welfare of our farmers, and all the Agricultural Services they provide the topmost priority for the State of Texas. If I am given the Humble privilege and opportunity to serve the People of District 85 in Austin through this year 2020 Election.

Create a legislatively motivated enabling environment For foreign, national, state, and local direct investment (fnsldi) within district 85.

The State of Texas is one of the top five booming economies in the world, sitting on a budget of well over $1.6 Trillion surpassing Countries’ economies like Russia. TX District 85 should be open for business and be allowed to accommodate Foreign, National, State, and Local Direct Investment (FNSLDI), due to the district being the most diverse district in the State. This will allow exponential growth of the economy sustainably. The world is now a global village. Citizens of the Texas District 85 must be game players in that world. What you will be looking for overseas to purchase should be easily available in our local market, without going through the hazels of importation blockades. I will promote and support legislation that will make these options possible and sustainable. if I am given the Humble privilege and opportunity to serve the People of District 85 in Austin through this year’s 2020 Election.


Richmond Texas U.S.A.