SBOEQuestion & Answer

1. If elected, what do you believe your primary role and responsibility as a state board member should be?

My primary role and responsibility will be to establish an outstanding and worthy oversight function over the educational policies, Welfares of the Students, and their hardworking Educators without prejudice but with a patriotic mindset to see the State of Texas Emerge always as the State to beat par excellence at any National comparison in the State. My ultimate responsibility for The State Board of Education (SBOE) is the legislative authority and timely adoption of the TEKS for each subject of the required curriculum. As an SBOE member, I will also nominate educators, parents, business and industry representatives, and employers to serve on TEKS review committees.

2. What would your priorities be should you be elected?

Standardized Testing and TEKS grading upgrades and overhaul to reflect the globally recognized gold standard in Education from Primary through the High School systems and up to the Tertiary Colleges in our Lone Star State. The Welfare of Educators, overhauling of the TEKS to suit the Teachers interest without affecting the Students quality and Standardized Education, The Welfare of those supporting Staffers to guarantee timely wage increase and reliable but guaranteed Retirement benefits to boost their morale for their hard works. The reviews of the Text Books and Instructional materials to avoid radicalized garbage being infused into our students educational ideology for their future.

3. How do you ensure that you represent all of your constituents and not just those of one party or special interest group?

I will honorably and patriotically serve the people of District # 07 on the SBOE and the Entire State by keeping open-door policies to all the Constituent members irrespective of Race, Gender, Religious affiliation, or Sex or Sexual Orientation to have undeterred access to me and offer them listening ears on all their concerns and make the most generally beneficial judgments on whatsoever decision that will be in the interest of all the stakeholders if given the honor to Represent the District # 07 in the Capitol AUSTIN Texas, So help me God.

4. What do you consider to be the most important resources in gaining information about Texas public education?

Public information in discussion forums, Parental and Educators normal comments and optional or anonymous submission as well as public opinions from non-academic staffers. Students’ private and public views are the most important resources in gaining information about Texas Public Education.

5. Is the current structure where the Governor appoints the education commissioner acceptable, or is there a better structure?

Not acceptable. Although it is one of the executive constitutional roles of
Governors but the Governors will select his friend or cronies out of sympathy or political promised who may not be well competent in the area of such selection, I would rather preferred the election or selection among the 15 board members elected by their constituents.

6. How do you feel about charter schools in Texas? Do you believe they have been successful?

I felt that Charter Schools have been able to successfully survive and impact the lives of the students that attend them and satisfactorily impress the parents that choose to send their Children to them.

7. Do you believe the current structure for approving charters (commissioner approves a certain amount of applications, board has final approval) to be the best way to do it, or is there a better way?

The current structure of approving charters school should be reviewed and allowed a public opinion on the selections. Commissioners’ may be biased in approving such requests for their business cronies or political benefactors.

8. How do you feel about the current number of TEKS curriculum standards?

I believed the current number of TEKS curriculum standards are well set out to cater to today’s educational standards although there should be room for future modifications to be constantly made in other to keep the standard of the Lone Star State when compared to others in the Union.

9. Would you recommend any changes to the process for adopting and revising the TEKS curriculum standards?

Not really. However, I will recommend an expansive upgrade to the process of adoption and allow for more efficiency and effectiveness of the TEKS curriculum standards.

10. What role, if any, should the SBOE play in approving textbooks and instructional materials? Should that be under state or local control?

Absolutely SBOE should play a major and more frontal role in approving Textbooks and instructional Materials for our students. This will help eliminate some insertion of Radical and Ideologues philosophical ideas that can fundamentally change the thought process of the Students and produce several vices that are National and societal destroyers. Both State and Local control is necessary and should be continued. However, the final approval should be vested in the Elected SBOE Members.

11. Do you feel the current curriculum requirements allow Texas students to receive a well-rounded education? What if anything would you change?

Yes, I believed the TEKS was well crafted to cover all the various knowledge developmental stages as a requirement to allow Texas Students receive a well-rounded education. However, I will want to encourage that due to global demand and competitive edges, STEM educational curriculum should be given more attention and instilled more to impact the educational achievements of our Students as this is in
more demand and the markets for their application are still unsaturated like the other subjects.

12. What role should educators and educator groups play in policy decisions made by the State Board of Education (SBOE)?

The Educators and Educator groups should be allowed to submit their opinions and suggestions that will enhance progressive harmony between their relationships with the students, their parents, and the School Board, and the Government they represent in the areas of Policy Making and progressive Educational standards for our state to influence the Nation in general.

13. What role do you feel standardized testing should play in a student’s promotion/graduation?

Standardized Testing should remain the indices or measurement for our student’s promotion/graduation. This will always let the state Board knows the students who are exceptional in their education and those that needed some help to aid them in becoming part of the progress train. It will help the policies makers to differentiate those who are Book smart and those that will be absolved as street smart and balance our societal growth and representation in the State and eventually nationally.

14. Is there anything you’d like our group to know about you that we haven’t already covered?

I am a Father of Three (3) Schooling Children in Elementary; Junior High and High School, under the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District, My greatest Priority for Our Children is the Delivery of Sound and Second to Non Educational Policies and Standards that are the envy of all other developed or Developing Nations in the 21st Century and Beyond. The Welfare of our State Educators; (Teachers, Administrators, and Non-Academic Supporting Staffers) that follow the traditional Curriculum implementation that delivered pure and applied up-to-date Educational and Moral Standards is another thing of greatest interest to me.